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Why Insurance Companies Like Working with SERVPRO

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

As an insurance adjuster, you work in a constant state of balance between your clients' needs and the needs of your company. When your client's home in Germantown, Tennessee, and Collierville, Tennessee, is damaged by a storm or fire, you are likely the first call the homeowner will make. You also have an obligation to your company to get as good a deal as possible. A vendor such as SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville can help you satisfy both parties.

Keeping You Informed

The Claims Information Center (CIC) helps keep you updated on every detail of the work done on your client's home. The job file includes:

  • Initial damage assessment
  • Response time
  • Itemized list of losses
  • Digital photos of the damage
  • Detailed cost estimate

While you want to complete your walkthrough of the property as part of your responsibility as the insurance adjuster, the records from the CIC can be valuable when your client files the claim. Electronic records make it easy to keep you informed throughout the process.

Keeping Communication Open

The 24-hour emergency call center makes it possible for you and your client to get the service and answers you need no matter what time of day it is. As soon as the service request comes into the call center, dispatchers notify local franchises to meet your client and start the restoration process.

Keeping Costs Low

Certified restoration specialists are trained to assess every situation thoroughly and restore whatever they can. By pretesting each item affected by the disaster, they can determine what can be salvaged. Fewer items that end up on the replacement list on the insurance claim, the lower your costs will be. The goal is to save as many items as possible.

SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is committed to working with the insurance adjuster to get the job done right. Choosing specialists who see the big picture is suitable for both your client and your company.

Mold: An Overview for Business Owners and Investors

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

What is Mold and How Do You Handle It?

When business owners hear the phrase mold growth, they most likely get sick feelings in the pit of their stomach because they anticipate the costly repairs and remediation necessary for toxic black mold. However, the cost is mostly dependent on mold coverage, type, and overall damage. Although, before you get your calculator out, it is a good idea to understand what mold is and how to handle it. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has put together information regarding mold.

1. Causes of Mold

Mold is essentially a moisture problem. The spores thrive on water and will congregate and establish colonies when near a water source. This is also why mold is found near plumbing, in basements, attics, bathrooms, and wall cavities because it thrives in damp, dark, and humid areas.

2. Dangers of Toxic Mold

Black mold is used as a blanket term referring to toxic mold. However, the only way to tell what type of mold is present in your building is to have it tested. No matter the kind of mold, you should safely remove it following city and state regulations as quickly as possible, ensuring everyone's safety.

3. Mold Growth

Mold spreads quickly, usually taking less than 48 to 72 hours to develop. Because of the accelerated rate of growth and the variety of species, mold should be dealt with quickly and precisely. To slow mold growth or development, you may want to install dehumidifiers and other means of ventilation in your building or property.

4. Mold Remediation

Mold is a naturally occurring substance, and as such, you should be cautious of companies promising the removal of all mold. Qualified mold remediation specialists in the Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, area understand that mold cleanup and remediation is not about eliminating every occurrence of mold, as that's impossible, but instead returning mold levels to natural levels.

The phrase black mold has become scarier than reality because of manipulative advertising strategies. However, despite the hype, mold is still a problem that demands immediate attention, and as mold types vary greatly, it is best to seek professional assistance in the removal process. Contact your mold remediation specialists, SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville, at (901) 755-3705.

Fire Damage: Cleaning Porous Items After a Fire

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning After Fire Damage

When you experience a fire in your business, it can be hard to assess what is salvageable. Smoke and water damage can make everything appear irreparable. You may even question if content cleaning is possible, if specialty services, like dry-cleaning, can make a difference. Fortunately, for your business', they can. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has examples of items that can be cleaned.

1. Carpets and Furniture

Flooring, like carpeting, and other furniture, like fabric chairs, will likely require rigorous shampooing with an industrial floor scrubber. As smoke odors are powerful, you may have to perform this task several times before everything begins to look and smell normal. Soaking the fabrics in a cleaning solution can speed the process, depending on the severity of the damage.

2. Rugs and Clothing

Items that are removable, like area rugs, clothing, or other fabric merchandise, can be taken in for dry-cleaning. Several dry-cleaners specialize in smoke damaged materials. The process involves steam cleaning the materials to remove the odor.

3. Walls and Other Surfaces

It may be necessary to replace drywall and other surfaces if the fire and smoke damage are too great, but some areas may be cleaned with appropriate solutions and disinfectants. It is necessary to avoid using water alone because it can spread smoke residue and soot, making the surface filtheir than before.

4. Professional Cleaners and Preventative Measures

As the soot and smoke residue are finicky, hiring an emergency restoration service in the Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, area may be a better option for your business. These companies specialize in fire damage and have access to the appropriate tools and chemicals needed for cleanup. Beyond cleanup, they can also offer fireproof content storage; deciding this now will prevent damage to important documents later.

While things may seem dire, and your merchandise and business may seem irrecoverable, a proper cleanup can boost your spirits. Dry-cleaning and floor scrubbing may prove that your property's damage is not as terrible as you thought. Give SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville a call at (901) 755-3704 and let us scrub that worry away.

That Isn’t a Mud Bath: What to Do When There’s a Sewage Backup in Your Bathtub

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Three Steps to Ensure You and Your Family Remain Safe

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful spa day, soaking in a mud bath and just letting all worries fade away? Well, that foul-smelling brown, black, and gray sludge bubbling in your bathtub isn’t that. A sewage backup is an unfortunate occurrence, and while cleanup may seem like a manageable undertaking for contained areas, like bathtubs, there are hidden risks to both your health and your home. If you have experienced a sewage backup, SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has put together these steps to ensure that you and your family remain safe.

1. Call the Experts

While a bathtub backup is contained and minimal when considering basement backups, you still want to call in emergency restoration services in the Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, area. Sewage water is regarded as blackwater and may have contaminants that can cause symptoms detrimental to your health:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver failure

Restoration specialists are certified and equipped to handle contaminated materials. They have the training so that you and your family remain healthy and happy.

2. Turn Off the Water

When you experience a sewage backup, the first thing you should do is turn off the water to the affected area or the entire house. Water that continues to drain into the lines from sinks or toilets will only cause the sewage level to rise in your system, spreading damage across a larger area.

3. Ensure Your Safety

When you experience this type of flooding, it is essential to keep yourself and your family safe. Blackwater is contaminated water that can affect humans and animals in negative ways. If the backup is located in an area that can be sealed off to children and pets, it is best to do so. If the affected area is too large to contain, it may be best to leave your home until help arrives.

A sewer backup is nothing to take lightly. The black water alone is a threat enough to stay clear of and seek professional assistance. Give SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville a call at (901) 755-3705 for assistance in dealing with sewage problems.

Mold: Professional Removal and Remediation

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

There's a wide variety of fungus in the environment. While mold is invisible to the naked eye, it plays a vital role in nature by causing the decomposition of dead organic matter. However, when mold makes its way to the indoor environment, it can be extremely destructive and hazardous to a person's overall wellbeing. Moisture creates a favorable environment for mildew to thrive, which could result in extensive mold damage; typically, where there's moisture, there's mold. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville possesses extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and remediating mold.

What Causes a Mold Infestation?

Since mold thrives in humid areas, small leaks and damp surfaces can result in the rapid development of mold and mildew. Mold spreads swiftly due to the lightweight of its spores, which allows them to be transported easily by airflow. Therefore, it has great potential to contaminate a vast area and damage furniture and clothes.

Where is Mold Damage Found?

Mold damage in a property can be detected by visual inspection, particularly on open surfaces. However, the growth of mold often begins inside ducts or behind tiles, paneling, wallpaper, and crawl space, making its detection almost impossible. Common signs of imminent mold issue include warping walls, blistering paint, crumbling plaster, deep cracks in the tiles, and gaps in the grouts. Moreover, if the floor or the walls have inexplicable stains or feel wet and soft to the touch, mold testing and removal should be done as soon as possible. Additionally, a smelly odor in a well-maintained home is also a signal for hidden mold growth.

What is Dormant Mold?

After discovering the moisture source and drying out the area, the mold may seem to vanish. However, failure to remove the mold spores in entirety only makes the fungus dormant, and it is capable of reactivating upon the occurrence of favorable conditions. Even dormant mold can produce a smelly odor and pose a danger to people's health.

Can There be Mold in Newly-Built Homes?

Newly constructed homes are not exempted from fungus infestations and subsequent mold damage. Especially when the materials used to build a property were either inappropriately stored in humid surroundings or if they got rained on. Such materials reserve moisture internally, which can facilitate mold growth and cause a smelly odor that won't go away even after deodorization.

What is the Most Efficient Mold Removal and Mitigation Method?

During the first stages before the escalation of mold damage, do-it-yourself (DIY) methods can be employed to eliminate the smell while preventing further development. It's advisable only to use fungicides and deodorization sprays that are registered under EPA, which should be done after the definite elimination of the sources of moisture. However, in most cases, DIY methods will only provide a temporary solution, necessitating the intervention of an expert in mold removal and mitigation. Professional mold remediation is, especially necessary when:

• Mildew has found its way into the HVAC system or inside materials that are hard to reach.
• The fungus has affected a large area.
• The homeowner lacks the appropriate tools to eradicate mold in the home effectively.
• Exposure symptoms are already being experienced following commercial mold damage.
• The homeowner has already exhausted ideas after unsuccessfully employing DIY mold removal and remediation methods, including deodorization, to eliminate the smelly odor of mildew.

Why Should One Go for Professional Mold Remediation Services?

Specialists in mold removal and mitigation will often possess vast experience and the proper equipment for efficient and permanent removal of fungus from homes and business premises. Such skills are required in identifying the mold in the home, especially the hidden and dormant spores. Some companies will even replace the affected furniture and apply special products for restraining further mold development.

Mildew can go unnoticed for long and establish itself all over the business premises or homes, threatening the health of such property. Attempting to get rid of mold damage without professional assistance could prove tough since it's hard to reach such hidden places as behind tiles, inside walls, or even under suspended ceilings.

Efficient mold remediation and mitigation go a long way in reversing the destruction caused by mold in the home and commercial mold damage. Besides, having to deal with the smelly odor resulting from mold damage in the property could be a daunting task as deodorization alone will not solve it. For additional information regarding mold remediation, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

The Steps of Professional Mold Remediation

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth can do severe damage to your home. If you spot mold anywhere in your home, you should take decisive measures to get rid of it. SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is here to help.

Mildew, humidity, and warmth are some of the factors that give rise to mold fungus. The daily use of hot water in the bathroom makes it one of the spaces most susceptible to mold growth. Taking action against mold growth in showers, tubs, and sinks are familiar enough.

Mold damage isn't limited to homes of average or low value. If you have bought a new home or had one built from scratch, you can take steps to suppress mold growth. But if you have bought an older home or one with a history of damage, you might have a problem you don't know about.

The best way to deal with mold is to call a professional mold removal, remediation, and restoration company. These are the only people qualified to deal with black mold and other kinds of fungus. A representative of the company will come out and conduct an in-depth assessment of your home. They will determine how much black mold and mold fungus is in the house and the extent to which it has spread.

On the day work is scheduled to start, the first thing they will do is put on special suits for protection. They will then seal the affected areas off and apply negative pressure to them. This step is to prevent black mold spores and mold fungus from escaping into other parts of the house.

Once they have removed the mold, the specialists will put the mold into special containers to take it off the premises. They will then use a special vacuum to remove all of the spores particles from the air.

A mold removal, remediation, and restoration company is the only way to ensure the mold is eliminated, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville for additional information.