Recent Before & After Photos

Business Flooded in Germantown

Flood waters are very destructive. This Germantown business was flooded causing much damage to their beautiful wooden floors. Because wood floors are porous it ... READ MORE

Germantown Bathroom Water Damage

Unusually the pipe overhead broke in this Germantown Bathroom. We come across broken supply lines in bathrooms ninety percent of the time but in this case the w... READ MORE

Collierville TN Family Bible Restored after House Fire

Home fires affect every type of content. We have the ability to clean them all, even those they need very special care. This Bible was affected by smoke and soo... READ MORE

Germantown TN Silver Platter Heirlooms Polished to Original Luster

Silver requires special care in cleaning and maintaining. Once left untended for too long, it begins to tarnish to a point that can not restored. Our team clean... READ MORE

Germantown Customer's Silver Requires Special Care

Cleaning silver requires special care, especially after a home fire potentially subjects it to etching and damage from combined fumes and moisture as materials ... READ MORE