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Mold Damage Noticed after Caved in Ceiling

When the ceiling in this Germantown house caved in the homeowners did not know what had happened. But after careful inspection they noticed that water and mold ... READ MORE

Porous Materials with Mold Needing Disposal

This facility had microbial growth after a water damage. When mold is present on materials we do not want to cross contaminate any other areas that are clean. W... READ MORE

Large Commercial Mold Remediation

This commercial facility had mold and our team was quick to respond. Our team found the much of the water had in this hall had wicked up the drywall which cause... READ MORE

How to Keep Mold From Growing Under Baseboards

How to Keep Mold From Growing Under BaseboardsAfter a water intrusion there are a few materials that we know have the potential of growing mold. The pictures sh... READ MORE

Containment For Mold Projects

Containing mold is an essential part of the remediation process. However, in a commercial setting it is just as important to contain the work are from the custo... READ MORE

Tile With Microbial Growth

Microbial Growth on Tile in Germantown Trails, TN HomeMold needs organic material to grow and it found it in between the tiles. Tiles are not organic and will n... READ MORE

Large Flood Remediation Project

Large Flood Remediation ProjectThe flooding inside this beautiful brick building in Germantown needed a lot of help from expert technicians and large remediatio... READ MORE

Flooding in Collierville Damages Beautiful Home

Flooding in Collierville Damages Beautiful HomeThis home took in water after a storm past through the night. The homeowners woke up to squishy carpet and paddin... READ MORE

Flood Damaged Commercial Property

Flood Damaged Commercial PropertyThis facility in Kimbrough Wood was flooded after a recent storm which needed a lot of equipment to have it dried out. Air move... READ MORE

Church Roof and Ceiling Damage

Church Roof and Ceiling DamageThis church had significant water damage after a storm. The roof had been damaged and part of the ceiling had collapsed. When the ... READ MORE