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5 Things to Look For In a Water Damage Restoration Company

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

5 Things to Look For In a Water Damage Restoration Company

Storms are a threat that many home owners cannot sufficiently prepare for. While home and business insurance policies are beneficial in emergency situations, they cannot fully prepare home or business owners for the onslaught of damages that can occur as a result of storm and flood damage. After having a building ruined by water damage, owners can be in such a panicked state that they do not conduct the proper amount of research regarding water damage restoration experts and their qualifications. This article will serve to educate readers about the qualities they should seek when hiring a water damage restoration company to complete water cleanup services in their damaged home or business.

Companies That Offer 24 Hour Emergency Services

When a customer is preparing to have a building restored after storm or flood damage, it is important that they hire a mitigation company that offers round-the-clock emergency services. During the first several days following flood damage, specifically, the home is subject to new negative developments during any time of the day or night. By hiring a mitigation company that is willing to send contractors to the site of the damage at any time, customers ensure that they will receive timely attention to potentially devastating occurrences following the entrance of water in the home or business.

Companies That Offer Superior Drying Services

It is also vital that victims of storm or flood damage intentionally seek out a mitigation company that offers exceptional drying services. Drying services are incredibly important to the overall restoration of the property and it is vital that they be conducted by experts in the field. Customers can recognize companies with superior drying services by reviewing the drying tools listed on the company's website and comparing them with other companies.

Companies That Offer Full Service Water Damage Restoration

Another important service to look for when hiring a company to alleviate suffering caused by the entrance of water in a home or business is the offering of full service restoration. Some companies that offer storm damage services do not offer a full range of services for the benefit of customers. Customers should seek companies that offer services in storm damage, mold remediation, commercial damage, extensive dehydrating, sewage and water cleanup, dehumidification, and sanitizing. By hiring a company that offers all of these aspects of renewal following storm damage, customers can ensure that all damages brought on by water in the business or home building can be effectively restored.

Companies That Offer Long Term Mitigation For Damaging Waters In Home

Long term mitigation services are also beneficial to customers following storm damage. Companies with long term services work efficiently to follow up on any new damage that occurs as a result of the entrance of water in the business or home. With these services, customers have access to help whether problems occur days, weeks, or months after the initial damage is noticed. This is excellent for cases where weakened pipes burst 3--6 months after a storm.

Companies That Have Received High Recommendations Online

As is the case with most companies, online recommendations reveal a lot about the company's actual service record and willingness to comply with customer demands. Companies that offer water cleanup services should be thoroughly investigated before the customer makes any investment. By reviewing water cleanup services online before selecting a company, customers can save time and money by eliminating the firms with poor overall recommendations. When customers have incurred major damage as a result of the entrance of water in the business or home, it is important that they hire a company that understands the importance of timely, efficient, and long term service. Online evaluations often give future clients a realistic expectation of what a flood damage renewal company actually offers in terms of customer engagement and expertise. Evaluations can also help customers to make informed choices about the removal of water in business or home buildings to guarantee that technical jobs like the addition of new pipes or sewage systems are completed correct. This is especially vital in the case of water in home sewage systems, which are easily damaged if improperly installed.
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Understanding the Process of Expert Fire Damage Restoration

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Understanding the Process of Expert Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are an all-too common occurrence for home and business owners all over the world. No sooner do you feel safe and secure in your home, a fire ravishes everything that you hold near and dear. While it can be devastating to deal with a fire in your home or a fire in the business, it's just as important to realize that professional fire damage restoration is necessarily to get the issues cleaned up and restored fully.

Dealing with a Fire and Subsequent Fire Damage

It's never easy to deal with fire damage at home or in a business. Fire damage affects millions of people every single year, so it's a lot more common than you might think. Because of how common it is, fire damage restoration is necessary to get everything back to its former glory. It is imperative to understand that you should never try to handle the fire damage on your own. Fire cleanup is an incredibly tricky project to accomplish yourself, and this is why so many people have hired fire cleanup experts in the past for their own issues.

Why Professional Fire Cleanup is Necessary

The reason fire cleanup is necessary on a professional level is because they bring all of their own tools and supplies necessary to deal with the smoke damage, soot damage and the smoke smell that has been lingering in the air since the fire occurred. Commercial fire damage experts have years of professional experience to ensure that your business is rectified and you no longer have that bothersome smoke smell to breathe in day and night. You simply do not have the skills or tools necessary to handle the smoke damage and soot damage.

The Costs of Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fire damage cleanup can be quite costly, especially if you do not have any type of insurance. If you've recently dealt with a fire in your home or fire in the business, you need to first contact your property insurance provider. They will let you know if restoration services are covered under your policy. If they are, you can have the project fully or partially paid for you. This brings the cost of commercial fire damage cleanup down to a more affordable rate. Be sure to contact several companies to find out how much they are charging for their commercial fire damage mitigation.

What Does Fire Cleanup Involve?

Fire damage restoration involves the removal of soot damage, smoke damage and the smoke smell from a past fire. In most cases, certain items will need to be thrown away if they are too damaged and cannot be restored. The company dealing with commercial fire damage will also rectify the water damage present after the fire was extinguished. You will find that the majority of companies offering this service can handle fires in homes and a fire in your business equally. The smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell will finally be a thing of the past after dealing with a major household or business fire.

Long-Term Guarantee on Fire Damage Restoration

The beauty about hiring a professional mitigation company is that they put a guarantee on the mitigation of damage related to a fire in the home or fire in the business. This means that, if needed, they will come back to the house or office to perform additional remediation services. Having this type of guarantee is important when paying a company to do this type of cleanup. It essentially prevents any future problems from occurring and lasting after dealing with a fire. If you've recently dealt with a fire, keep in mind that it isn't the end of the world and that there are expert companies out there who will be able to help with this particular project.
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When to Know That You Need Professional Mold Removal and Remediation

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When to Know That You Need Professional Mold Removal and Remediation

If you have or have had mold damage in your home, you aren't alone in your struggle to reclaim your property. Millions of people worldwide have a mildew and fungus issue right now that they're battling. The problem with a fungus issue in the home or business is that it can become recurrent. No sooner do you take care of the issue yourself, it's already growing back and becoming a problem for you, your family, your customers and your employees. Having proper mitigation and remediation is necessary when you'll been dealing with mold in the home and need expert mold removal services.

How to Spot Mold Damage and Mold in Your Home

The best way to spot mold damage is by seeing it with your own two eyes. If you notice black or dark gray splotches on the walls, ceilings or floors of your house, chances are that you're experiencing a mold problem that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. Another way to tell if you have mold damage in your home or business is if you get a smelly odor whenever you enter the house or a particular room. This smelly odor is caused by the fungus and mildew spores floating around in the area, waiting to cling onto walls and flooring. If you're having a hard time figuring out if you have mold in your home and a fungus or mildew problem, you can contact a professional company to assess the situation for you.

Is DIY A Smart Idea for Mitigation and Remediation?

The problem with trying to tackle mold in your home on your own or dealing with major commercial mold damage is that you're probably only dealing with it on the surface level. Very few homeowners and business owners have the deodorization tools and skills necessary to completely rid the area of mildew once and for all. If you're only taking care of the mold you can see, you're probably missing a huge portion of it that is directly behind the wall, ceiling or floor that you're scrubbing. Household cleaners are also often not enough for proper mold removal, so you're probably just wasting your time using them.

Why Hire the Professional Mold Removal Experts

Professional mitigation and remediation experts have years of trained experience to handle mold removal in a more appropriate manner. Remediation and mitigation experts will be able to work with you on a budget or handle the fees with your homeowner's insurance provider. These experts use their own deodorization techniques to get rid of the spores floating through the air, preventing and eliminating that smelly odor you've become so used to breathing in.

What to Expect When Hiring a Commercial Mold Damage Company

When you hire a commercial mold damage company, they will begin their work by coming to your home or place of business and assessing the damage. They may need to pull up flooring and pull out walls to see the extent of the mold issue. Once found, they will give you an estimate for how much their deodorization techniques will cost so that you're no longer dealing with commercial mold damage. They can then begin the work necessary to restore your home or business back to the way it was before the mold became such a major issue.

Preventing Mold From Becoming a Recurring Problem

In order to prevent deodorization from being needed and dealing with that smelly odor, you need to try to avoid the instances of mold altogether. The way to do this is by keeping an eye on pipes, joints and other water-related issues in the home or office. If you have a leak or pipe burst, get it repaired immediately so that it doesn't become a more major problem. Also, use a dehumidifier on a regular basis so that your home or office is continually dry and free of excess water.

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Water Damage Restoration: Don't Forget The Roof!

5/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration: Don't Forget The Roof!

Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

Has your real estate sustained flood damage? During the water cleanup, mitigation and restoration process, you'll want to evaluate the condition of the entire property. Include the roof in this inspection process!

Even if water in home or water in business settings did not come into direct contact with upper stories, it remains a wise idea to check over the roofing system carefully. Why? Not all forms of damage require direct contact between surging waters and impacted surfaces.

Modern Roofing Systems

Today, commercial builders recognize an effective roofing system helps safeguard a building against water in business office interiors. Similarly, construction firms erecting residential developments seek to install sturdy roofs capable of preventing unwanted water in home settings. Most real estate industry professionals and property owners appreciate the importance of promptly repairing leaky roofs.

Essentially, a well-designed roofing system prevents water damage from occurring as a result of rain penetrating into the interior of a structure from overhead. Drying out the wet interior of a flooded dwelling or commercial building becomes easier when the roof provides adequate ventilation and offers ongoing protection from rain.

Ensuring Adequate Ventilation

Many contractors did not fully appreciate the need for adequate ventilation in roofing systems until the 1990s. Consequently, some older residences and office buildings which have not received state-of-the-art roofing attention recently provide insufficient ventilation. This situation sometimes aggravates problems caused by excessive dampness even under normal conditions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, following a flood, mitigation and restoration experts performing water cleanup sometimes recommend extensive roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement, based upon the specific condition of the individual property. Drying out the premises after a natural disaster makes little sense if a poorly ventilated roof will permit lingering interior dampness and water vapor to generate ongoing problems. Unwanted water in business and home interiors can cause extensive damage and cause health and safety concerns.

Water Damage to Roofs

If your property sustained flood damage, it makes sense to ask water damage mitigation and restoration specialists to inspect the integrity of your roof and attic ventilation system. You might consider asking your inspector to pay particularly close attention to several issues, including:

1. Whether the roof remains structurally sound or appears at risk of collapsing following flood damage?
2. Whether your roof's ventilation system appears adequate or requires an upgrade?
3. Do any leaks appear visible?
4. Does the inspector detect mold or mildew?
5. Do underlying subroof systems, beams, rafters and structural supports still appear in good condition and correctly aligned?

The Scope of Flood Damage

When floods flow through the interior of a structure, water in business or residential settings usually causes both visible and unseen damage. Mitigation experts may assist you in visualizing this process. Excessive moisture can pose an ongoing threat in some situations, even following water cleanup and drying.

While performing water cleanup and drying the premises may correct visible surface damage, for instance, residents sometimes suffer long term adverse impacts from lingering dampness. Moisture may cause the spread of mold or mildew. Even roofs untouched by flood waters frequently suffer adverse impacts from dampness and water in home interiors, for example. Following Hurricane Katrina, some properties in New Orleans became uninhabitable as a result of this problem.

Shifting Soil

Roof damage may occur indirectly when floods impact the ground. This situation may ultimately disrupt a building's foundation.

Water in home interiors and water in business premises sometimes accompanies saturated soils incapable of absorbing any more moisture. Flooding may in turn contribute to subterranean shifts impacting a structure's foundation, ultimately threatening roof integrity.

Careful Inspection

Roofing systems help waterproof properties. Don't overlook the importance of qualified roof inspections after a flood! Visit for more information on water damage.

How to Recover Your Home after Flood Damage

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How to Recover Your Home after Flood Damage

When floods cause havoc in your home, there are some recommended immediate practices to reclaim your property. Whether the flood damage results from ground water, leaky and water in home, or rain water, you will need a professional water cleanup fast. You surely do not want flood water in your business.

Water Cleanup and Mitigation

As per the guidelines issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, home and commercial premises owners should inspect their buildings for the signs of structural damage immediately after a serious flooding. With the help of a qualified water damage and mitigation inspector, you need do a water cleanup and to check for cracked or loose foundations, cracked walls, fractured floors, holes on floors, or wobbly warping.

You should consult the utility companies to inspect the water in home, electric, gas and sewer lines. According to Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez in “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness”, a combination of water in business, flood water, and electricity mean disaster.

Your Safety

Before entering the flooded home, wear protective clothing, dusk mask, gloves, and a hard headgear. Do not get into the flooded building unless you are sure that the structural integrity is intact. Never risk your life when flood water in home fills the places all over.

Assessing the Water Damage

If flood water fills your home, the type of water cleanup and repairs required depend on the extent of damage. First check how deep the water is and how far it has soaked the household items and the internal structures. A resistance meter is always ideals in measuring the moisture levels. Sometimes, the person assessing the floods may drill exploratory holes and slot in a humidity probe gadget.

There is apparent flood damage while other damages may require some special water cleanup and inspection. Your unwanted water in home requires drying and an assessment of these damages:

• Wet plaster, wallboard, insulation or paneling
• Distorted warping and floor boards due to flood damage
• Serious wood rot in the lumber structures
• Termite damage for termites infest wet wood
• Weak home foundation or an eroded ground surrounding the home
• Roof damage in form cracked or missing shingles, faulty flashing or holes

Some further checking may include the walls and ceilings for any kind of discoloration. Also observe the premises for any signs of textured growth, mostly black or green, musty smells, or foul odors and do thorough dying.

A reputable water in business company can assist to ascertain the flood damage to the important installations. The following equipment will need drying and cleaning:

• The air ducts
• Heating and air conditioning
• Sewage system
• Electrical systems

The Home Restoration Process

In the most fortunate flooding cases, the water will most likely only cover the floor. Even if the water damage is extensive, the professional home restoration contractor will help to address the disaster, such as:


The flooded floor needs drying quickly. The process will involve the removal of any flood water underneath the wooden floors. Such procedures can clear the residual damp on the floorboards; otherwise, your home could have molds leading to health issues.

Walls and Ceilings

In case of damages on the paneling, some remedial drying is necessary. The areas that require attention include the plaster work, ceiling, and walls. To avoid the risks posed by any wet and poisonous wall coverings, the lead-based asbestos tiling and paints may need replacing.

The Weakened Home Structure

Your brick and granite will require a professional restoration. In homes with wattle structures, some special refurbishment is necessary to prevent molds from growing. The contractor should advise on flood mitigation against future flooding and water damage.

Furniture Restoration and Flood Mitigation

Besides the repair of the house structures, the restoration contractor can look into the issues of furniture and clear residue damp to prevent insect infestations or future rots. The contractor must also ensure the proper working of the gutters, sewer, drainage, and the air conditioning. Visit for more information on water damage.

Picking Up the Pieces After A Fire

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Picking Up the Pieces After A Fire

A fire is one of the worst disasters a home or business owner can face. Loss of property and damage to the structure often seems like an insurmountable obstacle as the owner views the smoking remains and fire damage of what was once their house or place of business. It's important to remember that objects can be replaced and buildings can be either salvaged or rebuilt. Anything short of the loss of life can be fixed. In today's atmosphere of DIY home repairs, a person might be tempted to save money by performing repairs themselves. The considerable risk involved in such an endeavor is really one that should be left to professionals of fire damage restoration though. These professionals are trained in cleaning up fire damage including soot damage, smoke damage, water damage and commercial fire damage. There are a multitude of companies available to help home and business owners pick up the pieces after a fire.

The Importance of Quick Fire Damage Restoration

When the smoke has dwindled and the ashes have cooled, homeowners often find themselves left with considerable devastation. It is important to have a team of professionals assess the damage and provide an estimate for repair. If the area is not cleaned fairly quickly, soot can remain and cause permanent damage to structures that might otherwise be salvaged. The acid left behind by soot damage and smoke damage can become permanent in a very short time, causing discoloration and even rust. The soot damage can be layered throughout the structure and it becomes much tougher to get rid of the smoke smell as time passes. After a fire in the home or business, it's imperative to contact professionals immediately.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

When tackling fire cleanup, there are a few things that can be expected from professionals whether it was a fire in the home or a fire in a business. The professionals will remove all traces of fire damage such as smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell, as well as clean up salvageable appliances. Any lingering smoke smell can be combatted with odor counteractant. Once items are cleaned, they will be sealed to further protect them. These professionals are trained to determine which items can be cleaned and salvaged and what needs to be replaced due to extensive fire damage. They are also knowledgeable in how to deal with commercial fire damage which might involve unusual appliances and machinery. The process of fire damage restoration is complicated, but a company of professionals will help ensure that existing structures suffer no further damage.

Why To Leave Fire Damage To The Professionals

A fire in a business or a fire in a home will require more than a vacuum and soap to clean. Professionals trained in fire cleanup and commercial fire damage have the tools and cleaning products necessary for smoke damage and removing smoke smell. They will also have the training to deal with the extra considerations that arise when dealing with a fire in a business, such as restoring the building to working condition as fast as possible to resume activities. The hours between the fire and the fire cleanup add up and cause more lost revenue. Company owners are wise to leave commercial fire damage cleanup to the professionals who make it their business.

Whether there was a fire in the home or a fire in a business, it is best to leave the fire cleanup to a professional fire restoration company. They will have the knowledge to make sure that all the damage from soot, smoke and ash are properly cleaned to prevent further degradation of the remaining structure and salvageable items.
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The Aftermath of Fire Damage

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The Aftermath of Fire Damage

The process of picking up the pieces after a fire can seem daunting. Fire damage can cause significant losses both to private individuals as well as businesses. Besides the fire itself, soot damage and smoke damage frequently make property useless or irreparable. However, with the right approach fire cleanup can be less challenging. There are several steps to fire damage restoration, but if you follow them in order and approach them with care and patience you will find the process much less painful.

The first thing you should do to begin fire damage restoration is to evaluate for any holes in the exterior of the structure. Following a fire in home or a fire in business, holes can appear from the damage that leave property exposed. Once you have access to the fire damage site, begin to look for any gaps in walls or ceilings that could allow wind or precipitation to affect property. This is a good way to increase the overall total of commercial fire damage. While not as obvious as plain fire damage, damage from exterior holes can be significant.

The most noticeable thing once you enter the building will be water damage. While water can help minimize fire damage, cleaning up the water can be one of the most painful parts of fire cleanup. Standing water can be contaminated with disease and in pools of water small objects can float, creating hazards for those without the proper equipment. Water boots are a necessity for fire cleanup for this specific reason. Make sure that as you explore the structure and begin to clean the remaining water that you are very careful and you catalog any items that have been damaged by the water.

After you have evaluated your building following the fire in home or fire in a business, the next thing to do is to assess soot damage. Soot is caused by objects burning in the fire and leaving an ashy, sometimes oily residue. Soot damage can affect everything from food to electronics and can be very difficult to clean. It is important during this process to photograph everything, but inexpensive items that are easily replaced should just be discarded. More expensive things like televisions or furniture can be cleaned, but it is rarely worth it to try to clean a DVD or books. In the case of a fire in a business, keeping track of soot damage is essential to understanding total commercial fire damage.

The next step in fire damage restoration is to look at the walls, ceilings, and floors of the structure. In a fire in a home, walls between rooms can have damage that needs to be carefully inspected and documented. In a fire in a business, the external walls will already have been surveyed but you should also look for damage to the whole floor, ceiling, and any interior walls. Smoke damage can affect walls significantly and as such they may need to be replaced.

The last thing you should do in fire cleanup is evaluate the extent of smoke damage. Smoke smells can consume many objects and because of this things like garments or linens can become totally unusable. Keep track of the amount of items with smoke damage just like you did with soot, again discarding inexpensive or easily replaceable items once you have them cataloged. With fire in a business, pay mind to how smoke smells might affect customer experience and make necessary replacements, calculating the cost into commercial fire damage. Smoke smells can also be a problem with fires in homes, where the smoke smells being more prominent in some rooms over others.

Commercial fire damage can have significant effects on a business and fire damage restoration can be intimidating to a homeowner, but with the right strategy you can address the problems without as much hassle.
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Got Mold? Here's How To Get Rid Of It

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Got Mold? Here's How To Get Rid Of It

To grow, mold needs materials and moisture. Most homes and businesses have plenty of places where mold can develop. These places where fungus and mildew can develop include drywall, wood, and other types of materials.

For mold damage to appear, moisture needs to be present for at least 24 hours. If a material in your home or office remains wet for a day or so, then residential or commercial mold damage could occur.

Water Leaks

One of the main ways that moisture causes mold in home is through water leaks. Leaking walls or roofs, leaky tap faucets, showers, or pipes can all cause you to need mold remediation services for your home or business.

If you have any type of your leak in your home or place of business, get them fixed immediately. To find leaks that you don't already know about, inspect your home for mold mitigation purposes. You can also get a local mold removal company to inspect your business premises and perform testing, removal, and deodorization services.


A form of moisture, condensation appears on a cold surface when water vapor turns into a liquid. You can often view condensation on walls, windows, water tanks, and metal pipes. You can reduce the level of condensation in your home or business by keeping the rooms warm. To warm the rooms in your home or business, insulate surfaces by covering metal pipes. You will also have less condensation if you keep the humidity in your home at a low level. By following these tips, you'll lessen the chance that fungus, mildew, and a smelly odor will invade your home or business.


If the humidity in your home or business stays high for a certain period of time, this will create the need for a mold mitigation plan. Some molds can grow in a home or business where the humidity is as low as 55 percent. The best way to prevent mold in home and commercial mold damage is through ventilating your home or office building. Open your windows in the day time as this is when the humidity levels are at their lowest.

You will especially want to pay attention to ventilation in the rooms where the area can steam up quickly, like the bathrooms and kitchen. Use fans to reduce the humidity levels when cooking a meal or washing your dishes after dinner. Doing all of this keeps mold damage at bay, as well as the smelly odor that often comes with it.

Damp Clothes

One moisture problem you can find in many homes have to do with wet clothes. Always dry wet clothes immediately after they're washed. Immediately taking care of wet clothes is not only a good mold mitigation tactic. It also takes care of the smelly odor that comes from wet and dirty clothing.

If possible, dry your wet clothes on a clothesline outdoors. Hanging wet clothes indoors will cause moisture to come into the air, which will raise the humidity levels. If you must hang your clothes indoors, make sure that the room gets ventilated.

How To Remove Mold

Once mold gets into your home or office, you can't just remove the source of moisture. By then, it's too late. Mold without an active source of moisture can live for long periods of time without dying. At this time, you will probably have to call your local mold removal experts for mold damage remediation, fungus and mildew cleaning, and deodorization that will get rid of the smelly odor that often comes with mold damage.

To get started on mold removal by yourself, start the mitigation process by regularly cleaning your home or office. Regular cleaning and deodorization help reduce the mold in the home and commercial mold damage remediation process by limiting the places where fungus and mildew can grow. If you don't want to do the mold removal process for commercial mold damage or mold in home yourself, call a local mold remediation company for mold removal and deodorization services.

Keep mold at bay by dusting and vacuuming your home or office often. Over 80 percent of mold can be found on dust particles. A HEPA vacuum cleaner acts as the best defense against mold.
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Important Information about Mold; Professional Removal and Remediation

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Important Information about Mold; Professional Removal and Remediation

There is a wide variety of fungus in the environment. While mold is invisible to the naked eye, it plays a vital role in nature by causing decomposition of dead organic matter. However, when mold makes its way to the indoor environment, it can be extremely destructive and hazardous to a person’s overall wellbeing. The presence of moisture creates a favorable environment for mildew to thrive, which could result in extensive mold damage; typically, where there is moisture there is mold.

What Causes Mold Infestation?

Since mold thrives in humid areas, the presence of small leaks and damp surfaces can result in rapid development of mold and mildew. Mold spreads swiftly due to the light weight of its spores, which allows them to be transported easily by air flow. It, therefore, has great potential to contaminate a vast area and cause damage to furniture and clothes.

Where is Mold Damage Found?

Mold in home and commercial mold damage can be detected by a visual inspection, particularly on open surfaces. However, the growth of mold often begins inside ducts or behind tiles, paneling, and wallpaper, as well as in crawl space, which makes its detection almost impossible. Common signs of imminent mold issue include warping walls, blistering paint, crumbling plaster, deep cracks in the tiles, and gaps in the grouts. Moreover, if the floor or the walls have inexplicable stains or feel wet and soft to the touch, mold testing and removal should be done as soon as possible. Besides, smelly odor in a well-maintained home is a major signal for hidden mold growth.

What is Dormant Mold?

After discovering the source of the moisture and drying out the area, the mold may seem to vanish. However, failure to remove the mold spores in entirety only makes the fungus dormant, and it is capable of reactivating upon the occurrence of favorable conditions. Note that even dormant mold is capable of producing a smelly odor and posing a danger to people’s health.

Can there be Mold in Newly-Built Homes?

Newly constructed homes are not exempted from Fungus infestations and subsequent mold damage. This is especially true when the materials used to construct a home were either inappropriately stored in humid surroundings or if they got rained on. Such materials reserve moisture internally, which can facilitate mold growth and cause a smelly odor that won’t go away even after deodorization.

What is The Most Efficient Mold Removal and Mitigation Method?

During the first stages before the escalation of mold damage, do-it-yourself methods can be employed to get rid of the smell while preventing its further development. In such instances, it is advisable to use only fungicides and deodorization sprays that are registered under EPA, which should be done after definite elimination of the sources of moisture. However, in most cases, DIY methods will only provide a temporary solution, necessitating the intervention of an expert in mold removal and mitigation. Professional mold remediation is, especially necessary when:

• Mildew has found its way into the HVAC system or inside materials that are hard to reach
• The fungus has affected a large area
• The homeowner lacks the appropriate tools to eradicate mold in home effectively
• Exposure symptoms are already being experienced following commercial mold damage
• The home owner has already exhausted ideas after unsuccessfully employing DIY mold removal and remediation methods, including deodorization to eliminate the smelly odor of mildew.

Why Should One Go for Professional Mold Remediation Services?

Specialists in mold removal and mitigation will often possess vast experience, in addition to having the relevant equipment for efficient and permanent removal of fungus from homes and business premises. Such skills are required in identifying the mold in home, especially the hidden and dormant spores. Some companies will even replace the affected furniture and apply special products for restraining further mold development.

Mildew can go unnoticed for long and establish itself all over the business premises or homes, threatening the health of such property. Attempting to get rid of mold in home without professional assistance could prove tough since it’s hard to reach such hidden places as behind tiles, inside walls, or even under suspended ceilings.

Efficient mold remediation and mitigation goes a long way in reversing the results of the destruction caused by mold in home as well as commercial mold damage. Besides, having to deal with the smelly odor resulting from mold in home and commercial mold damage could be a daunting task as deodorization alone will not solve that problem. Visit for more information on mold remediation.

Water Damage from Air Conditioner Leaks

9/8/2016 (Permalink)

More than 90 percent of repair calls for air conditioners involve a leak inside the unit or on outside surfaces of it. If you are buying a home, be sure to check the air conditioning and heating units to assure they are in working order. If water is leaking into the walls or ceiling, that would be an urgent reason contact a trained professional to locate the problem.

The problem may seem worse than it is, especially if the summer temp is climbing near the hundreds, but your technician would be a professional and have knowledge on steps to repair the damage. When water leaks, it spreads, increasing the affected area of damage.

Tips to reduce the likelihood of water leakage:

  1. Central AC system should have a secondary drain line.
  2. Install a drain pan over-flow shut-off switch.
  3. Clean or change your HVAC air filter regularly.
  4. Make sure ductwork is properly insulated.
  5. Have your AC refrigerant levels checked regularly.
  6. Keep your condensate pump free from mold and mildew by flushing it with 50 percent                     bleach/water solution.
  7. Schedule annual HVAC maintenance.

Contact SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville to jumpstart the clean-up of water damage caused by your AC leak and we will make it “like it never even happened."

We can be reached 24/7 for emergency response calls @ 901-755-3705.