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Water Damage from Air Conditioner Leaks

9/8/2016 (Permalink)

More than 90 percent of repair calls for air conditioners involve a leak inside the unit or on outside surfaces of it. If you are buying a home, be sure to check the air conditioning and heating units to assure they are in working order. If water is leaking into the walls or ceiling, that would be an urgent reason contact a trained professional to locate the problem.

The problem may seem worse than it is, especially if the summer temp is climbing near the hundreds, but your technician would be a professional and have knowledge on steps to repair the damage. When water leaks, it spreads, increasing the affected area of damage.

Tips to reduce the likelihood of water leakage:

  1. Central AC system should have a secondary drain line.
  2. Install a drain pan over-flow shut-off switch.
  3. Clean or change your HVAC air filter regularly.
  4. Make sure ductwork is properly insulated.
  5. Have your AC refrigerant levels checked regularly.
  6. Keep your condensate pump free from mold and mildew by flushing it with 50 percent                     bleach/water solution.
  7. Schedule annual HVAC maintenance.

Contact SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville to jumpstart the clean-up of water damage caused by your AC leak and we will make it “like it never even happened."

We can be reached 24/7 for emergency response calls @ 901-755-3705.

How to Prepare for Summer Weather Events

7/28/2016 (Permalink)

General How to Prepare for Summer Weather Events Weather conditions can change rapidly. SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville advises everyone to get prepared BEFORE severe weather conditions arise.

While the weather may be wild, you are not powerless. This summer, prepare for hazards with these simple steps:

  • Do you live in a hurricane evacuation zone? If so, you need to plan on where you and your family would ride out the storm if you are told to evacuate.
  • You may have only minutes to find shelter before a tornado strikes. Practice a family tornado drill at least once a year.
  • Protect yourself from extreme heat by rescheduling outdoor activities to earlier in the day.
  • There is no safe place outside when lightning is in the area. If you hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of the storm. Just remember, When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.
  • Stay safe from rip currents and other beach hazards by only swimming at a beach with lifeguards and heed their direction. Learn how to survive a rip current.
  • If you live near wildland areas, make sure your home is Firewise and fire-safe. Also determine evacuation routes from your home. Visit or the Fire Weather Outlook to determine if your area is at risk for dangerous fire weather conditions.
  • Whether on foot or in a car, if you encounter flood waters, Turn Around Don’t Drown!
  • Make sure to check the Air Quality Index for your area at If the air quality is poor, avoid prolonged or extreme exertion outdoors.
  • Do you live, work or play on the coast
  • Be a Force of Nature

    Your action can inspire others. Be a Force of Nature and share how you’re working to stay safe from weather and water hazards this summer.

  • Write a post on Facebook. Share with your friends and family the preparedness steps you’re taking to stay safe this summer.
  • Tweet that you’re prepared with #SummerSafety. Tell us what you’re doing to be prepared for summer hazards.
  • Create a Family Communication Plan so that your loved ones know how to get in touch during an emergency. And let your friends know that they should create a plan also.
  • Look for ways to help your town prepare, such as volunteering with the American Red Cross or joining a Community Emergency Response Team.
  • Our Disaster Recovery Team can provide help when disaster strikes in the form of a tornado, hurricane, or flood. We are prepared to respond to the unpredictable 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

    SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville

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    Pet Safety for 4th of July

    7/1/2016 (Permalink)

    If including pets in July 4 celebrations, incorporate safety measures that will protect them from common accidents. Loud noises scare animals. Many pet owners say that during a thunderstorm, their dogs or cats try to escape and often find under the bed the perfect hiding place. If the fear has developed into a full-blown phobia, the pet can easily injure itself trying to flee quickly. Common noise phobias are effects of sounds from thunderstorms, firecrackers or gunshots. Overall, animals are more sensitive to noise than humans.

    If you are planning an outing for the holiday and keep the pup at home alone, leave a fan blowing lightly, or music playing to somewhat relax your pet. Shut windows to avoid loud noises and make a comfort area for your pet like a closet or the pet's crate including its favorite stuffed toy or soft blanket.

    Pets left at home may also become anxiety ridden during a firework display and find a way to escape from the house. Make sure your pets wear a durable collar with up-to-date information on identification tags. Having your pets micro-chipped is another way to increase the chances that your pet is reunited with you should he become lost.

    The 4th of July can be a safe, fun celebration for all members of your family. If there’s an emergency, don’t wait to have your pet treated; locate a 24-hour veterinary clinic if your family veterinarian is not available. For additional pet safety tips for the holiday visit this website:

    Happy 4th of July and celebration of independence for the USA!  Have fun, stay safe and keep your pets safe!

    SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville


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    Hot Fun in the Summertime

    6/7/2016 (Permalink)

    Summer is usually a time for fun. Anyone who has experienced a heat wave knows that it can zap the fun right out of you. It is important that precautions are taken during hot, sultry weather to protect each other and our furry friends.

    If your pets stay outdoors during a heat wave make sure they have adequate cold water and cooler areas of shade. Some businesses go as far as hanging signs reminding pet owners to avoid leaving their furry friends in hot cars. They include flyers of paw prints and warnings of how it takes only an hour for a dog's body organs to start shutting down. For additional tips for what to do if you see a pet in a parked car click here.

    Be sure to keep aware of the elderly who can die from scorching heat that can cause swelling, fainting and cramps. Take walks around the neighborhood later in the evening after the sun goes down, bring along a huge bottle of cold water. Check neighboring homes of the elderly who might not have air conditioning.

    SERVPRO cares. Contact for additional information on saving lives during a heat wave. Be cool.

    SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville


    Home Fire Prevention Tips from SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville Fire Crew

    5/17/2016 (Permalink)

    We asked for input from our Fire Crew to highlight their favorite fire prevention tips to keep their own children safe while they are out of school for the summer and spending more time at home.  This is the feedback we received based on their experience in the fire restoration industry:

    “Do not cook anything on the stove because you may get distracted with your phone or TV and leave it unattended too long. “  -  Marie

    “Never use a metal bowl or aluminum foil in the microwave…some children are not aware of the damage this can cause.” – Kim

    “Always turn off the exhaust fan in the bathroom….if it runs continuously the motor can burn up and fall into the toilet and cause it to explode….true story.” – Dana

    “Do not use the iron unsupervised.” –  Shalitha

    “Take batteries out of toys before storing in a hot location such as an attic.” – David

    “Do not plug multiple electronics into a power strip…they increase the amount of power that runs from the outlet…it can overheat and cause an electrical fire.” – Kerry

     “Never play with lighters or matches, especially in the bedroom….a mattress can catch on fire easier that you may realize.” – Maria

    “Keep fresh batteries in your smoke detectors….they can save a life.” - Jemarius

    Thank you to our hard-working fire crew members who help restore homes for customers every day then go home and take care of their own families. We are blessed with a family oriented team who values the place they call home and the place you call home.

    SERVPRO of Germantown/Collierville

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