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3 Ways to Remove Lint from a Dryer Exhaust

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

person is cleaning out a dryer exhaust Ensure you remove lint from your dryer exhaust.

Clothes dryers cause more than 15,000 fires every year, and up to 80 percent of these fires start due to clogged exhausts. The accumulation of lint in a dryer exhaust hose can increase the risk of a dryer fire. A homeowner can prevent a lint fire by cleaning the lint screen after every load, deep cleaning the filter every week or two, and clearing the exhaust hose several times a year. There're three practical ways that SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has found to clean out a dryer exhaust.

1. Use a Vacuum Attachment

If a vacuum has an attachment that fits inside an exhaust hose, it can be used as dryer cleaning equipment. Make sure that you can insert and extract the attachment without difficulty. It's important to clean every side of the hose. It may be easier to use a specialized cleaning rod.

2. Use a Vent Cleaning Rod

A vent cleaning rod is narrow and has a round brush at the end. Some rods are made for manual use, while others can be connected to a power drill. Feed the rod into the vent and rotate to clean. For the best results, you should extract, clean off, and re-insert the rod several times to remove the buildup that can cause a lint fire.

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

Some services specialize in cleaning dryer exhausts and have specialized equipment designed for this purpose. Hiring professionals will prevent a homeowner from moving a dryer or risk damaging the clamps that hold the exhaust hose.

These methods can help prevent a lint fire. If a dryer fire results in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705. Regularly cleaning a lint screen and taking measures to keep an exhaust vent clear can reduce the likelihood of a fire.

How to Tell When Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

A clogged dryer vent Did you know a clogged dryer vent filled with lint causes house fires?

4 Steps to Prevent a Dryer Fire

If you own a home in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, fire safety is something you should think about. You've probably installed smoke detectors and have an extinguisher handy; however, have you recently taken a look at the vent on your dryer? Every year, thousands of homes are damaged due to the occurrence of a lint fire. Luckily, it's easy to tell when it's time to clean your dryer vent. So, what should you look for to prevent a dryer fire? SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville is here with some tips to help.

1. There's a Burning Odor

A good indication that the vent needs cleaning is a burning smell. If lint is clogging up the drum casing, exhaust tube, or trap, you could easily have a lint fire. When there's a burning odor coming from the dryer, turn it off and call a professional to service it.

2. Clothes and Dryer Are Both Hot

If the dryer is extremely warm when you touch the outside and your clothes feel hot when you remove them, it's probably a blocked vent. When the vent is blocked, the hot air can't escape from the dryer.

3. Clothes Are Taking Forever to Dry

With a blocked vent, clothes might take up to three times as long, as usual, to dry. When you put your clothes in for a regular cycle, you might find that they're still damp when you take them out of the dryer. If the vent is blocked, it won't allow moisture to be released from the dryer.

4. Your Dryer Hasn't Been Inspected for a While

A vent cleaning professional should take a look at your dryer at least once a year. While you can clean the vent by yourself, hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done right, and they'll have the right equipment to do a thorough cleaning and make sure the dryer in a safe condition for use.

The last thing you want is a lint fire in your home. By looking for the visible signs, you can prevent a house fire. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705 with additional questions.

5 Steps of the Fire Restoration Process

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damage icon SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville can restore your property after a fire. Call today!

When you think of fire restoration, you probably think of the results of fire damage cleanup, when everything that was destroyed gets rebuilt. However, before rebuilding, fire damage experts in Germantown, Tennessee, and Collierville, Tennessee, have to do cleanup and damage repair. There are several steps of mitigation that technicians have to work through to get to the final stage of restoration.

1. Assessment

Before technicians do anything, they have to see how bad the damage is. Therefore, the first thing they will do when they arrive is to assess the damage to your home. They know they will likely need to contend with fire, water, soot, and smoke damage.

2. Water Damage Repair

Firefighters usually have to use a lot of water to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, this means your home probably has a lot of water damage. Water extraction will be needed, and the affected area will need drying.

3. Smoke and Soot Damage Repair

Smoke and soot get everywhere during a fire. Before the fire restoration process can occur, all of it must be removed out of every crack and crevice.

4. General Cleaning

After the significant issues have been tackled, there is probably some minor damage cleaning needed before rebuilding the structure begins. Any materials that are damaged or have sustained secondary damage must be repaired or removed. All surfaces must be disinfected to get rid of bacteria or other microbes.

5. Restoration

After cleaning, restoration specialists can begin to rebuild your home. Not only replacing the parts of the structure not salvageable but also ensure the rebuild matches the remaining structure so that the outcome looks "Like it never even happened."

Technicians have to do a lot of work to restore your home after a fire. Fire restoration is merely the final step of the process of making your home livable again. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville for additional information.

Top 6 Fire Safety Tips for Children

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

fire safety image From these fire safety tips to save your children!

If the fire alarm went off in your home, would your children know what to do? Would kids see where the family could go for safety? Parents often forget that children are not intuitively aware of how to escape from the building during a home fire. Nor are children aware of how quickly a fire can spread. To help ensure kids' safety, SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville has provided these safety tips.

Fire Safety Tips

1. Windows can be escape routes. Small children may not be able to open a window, but they can be taught to go to a window and wait for help.

2. Practice feeling the way out of the house. Check your local fire department if they provide classes on how to exit a house at night.

3. Find the ladder to escape from upstairs. Teach children where to find a fire escape ladder on the second floor and navigate the rungs.

4. Smoke detectors can be your friend. Explain the noise when the smoke detector goes off and lets children know what to do when they hear the sound.

5. Don't open doors and stay low. Children of all ages need to know not to open doors during a fire. Little ones should also understand that kids' safety can depend on crawling along the floor instead of standing up.

6. Once you get out of the building, stay out. Often children want to go back into the house for a favorite toy. To prevent this, explain the necessity of staying out of your home and gathering at a prearranged meeting place.

Teaching your children these six escape tips can make the difference in how the little one copes in a disaster scenario in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee. Practice can ensure the children are familiar with the potential situation and know what steps to take rather than standing and yelling for a parent. Kids' safety can be difficult to ensure, but you can help them understand how to find a safe way out of the building.

Fire Prevention Tips from SERVPRO

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in the kitchen Fire damage resulting from a kitchen fire.

Tips from SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville Fire Crew

We asked for input from our fire crew at SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville to highlight their favorite fire prevention tips to keep their children safe while they are out of school for the summer and spend more time home. Here is the feedback we received based on their experience in the fire restoration industry:

“Do not cook anything on the stove because you may get distracted with your phone or TV and leave it unattended too long. “ - Marie

“Never use a metal bowl or aluminum foil in the microwave…some children are not aware of the damage this can cause.” – Kim

“Always turn off the exhaust fan in the bathroom….if it runs continuously, the motor can burn up and fall into the toilet and cause it to explode….true story.” – Dana

“Do not use the iron unsupervised.” – Shalitha

“Take batteries out of toys before storing in a hot location such as an attic.” – David

“Do not plug multiple electronics into a power strip…they increase the amount of power that runs from the outlet…it can overheat and cause an electrical fire.” – Kerry

 “Never play with lighters or matches, especially in the bedroom….a mattress can catch on fire easier than you may realize.” – Maria

“Keep fresh batteries in your smoke detectors….they can save a life.” - Jemarius

Thank you to our hard-working fire crew members who help restore homes for customers every day, then go home and take care of their own families. We are blessed with a family-oriented team that values the place they call home and the place you call home.

Pet Safety for the 4th of July

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

If you include pets on the 4th of July celebrations, incorporate safety measures to protect them from common accidents. Loud noises scare animals. Many pet owners say that during a thunderstorm, their dogs or cats try to escape and often find the perfect hiding place. If the fear has developed into a full-blown phobia, the pet can injure itself, trying to flee quickly. Common noise phobias are effects of sounds from thunderstorms, firecrackers, or gunshots. Overall, animals are more sensitive to noise than humans.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Pet

If you are plan an outing for the holiday and keeping your pet at home alone, try these few tricks to make your pet feel safe:

  • Leave a fan blowing lightly or play music to relax your pet.

  • Shut windows to avoid loud noises and make a comfortable area for your pet like a closet or the pet's crate, be sure to include their favorite stuffed toy or soft blanket.

Additionally, pets left at home may become anxiety-ridden during a firework display and find a way to escape from the house. Make sure your pets wear a durable collar with up-to-date information on identification tags. Having your pet micro-chipped is another way to increase your pet's chances of reuniting with you should they become lost.

The 4th of July can be a safe and fun celebration for all members of your family. If there's an emergency, don't wait to have your pet treated; locate a 24-hour veterinary clinic if your family veterinarian is not available. For additional pet safety for the 4th of July, read these safety tips from Nationwide.

Fire Insurance Gaps: 3 Important Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in the home Fire damage in a Germantown, Tennessee, home.

When a Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, home fire strikes, the results can be devastating. Valued possessions may be lost or damaged, and your house may need extensive repair. However, before you file a claim or expect your insurance policy to cover fire damage and restoration service costs, you may want to learn about a few common coverage gaps and under which circumstances you may be denied compensation.

1. Intentional Fire

While fires set by curious young children playing with matches or lighters are considered accidental and not arson, fires set deliberately to collect insurance money isn't covered if any evidence of an intentional fire is uncovered. Suppose you believe a home fire at your residence was caused by accident. You can probably expect to have the blaze thoroughly investigated before you receive any insurance payout.

2. Fires at a Vacant House

Most insurance companies consider a home vacant if it has been unoccupied over thirty days in a row. If a fire should break out in such as residence, you may not be entitled to any insurance coverage. While the burden of proof will likely fall on your insurance provider, this coverage gap could cost you thousands in repair and restoration.

3. Exceptions

When it comes to receiving compensation for a vacant home fire, you may have several options to avoid a coverage gap. Suppose you have a vacation home that you only occupy part of the year. In that case, it is wise to ask your insurance agent about vacant residence coverage, which protects your unoccupied vacation home from fire and other disasters. This policy is typically separate from your homeowner's insurance but may pay for itself if vacation property should ever catch fire.

A house fire at your Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, residence can be frightening as well as costly. Having a keen understanding of insurance coverage gaps and whether you can rectify them can give you peace of mind as a homeowner.

Recovering from Fire and Water Damage

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

A home fire can be devastating. Even if the fire is controlled early, the resulting damage can be extensive. Fire damage may be the result of actual flames, smoke, heat, or water. Firefighters use water to douse the flames. The hose puts out a powerful stream of water that can cause warping, structural damage, and mold growth. Water can cause permanent damage to many material possessions. Soot and ashes can also set into furniture, drywall, and clothing if not handled carefully.

What to Do Immediately After a Fire

There're some things you can do on your own:

• Get clearance to enter your home

• Change the filter in your air conditioner

• Cover furniture to protect from additional damage

• Document damage to send to your insurance company

• Get rid of any canned goods or food exposed to heat or smoke

• Wash all your pots, pans, and flatware in hot, soapy water.

Other steps require a professional to be done correctly. For instance, don't try to handle soot damage on your own. Soot is hard to handle and should be left to a professional.

When to Bring in the Professionals

There are particular methods and materials for properly handling fire damage. If you try to take care of the damage before getting a fire restoration professional involved, you risk complicating it. Technicians can survey your home and identify all the damaged areas. Ventilation systems, drywall, and furniture may be damaged more than you realize. Professionals have specialized equipment and chemicals to remove smoke, soot, and muck.

Additionally, they're prepared to deal with water damage. Water must be removed immediately, and the area affected dried out. If moisture is not managed appropriately, it can lead to mold growth.

If dealing with fire damage, take precautionary steps immediately upon reentry, but leave the heavy cleaning to professionals in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee. For additional information, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

The Relationship Between Fire Damage and Water Damage

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Making an emergency plan gets easier when you understand how fighting fires works and what cleanup you'll need for the aftermath. Many homeowners are surprised by the water damage restoration needed during fire damage cleanup operations. Understanding how firefighting affects fire cleanup helps you understand and prepare for the aftermath of a fire in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee.

Water Delivery and Fire Fighting

The first thing to understand regarding post-fire restoration is that a fire hose delivers a vast amount of water to a limited area. The bigger the fire means, the more fire hoses there are deployed, the more water is delivered quickly. In return, this will mean more water restoration you'll see during fire damage restoration.

Working With Fire and Water Restoration Experts

When you work with a company that understands fire damage repair and water damage separately, you gain a few advantages:

  • Responsive, adaptive cleanup services can dry out rooms and furniture even when they were not directly affected by the fire;
  • Knowledgeable staff with the experience to handle any combination of damage from fire and water;
  • Coordinated service that communicates with your insurance company to provide accurate images of the scenario;
  • Responsive, professional service responds to fires in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, quickly.

Make an Emergency Preparedness Plan

The best way you are ready in the case of a fire is to make sure you have an emergency preparedness plan. That means making sure you have contact numbers for a great fire damage cleanup team that will work with your insurance company. Additionally, it means having the claims number on hand when you need it and emergency contact information for your support network. When you have that plan and understand how damage restoration works, it is much easier to navigate clean up after an emergency.

For information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

The Difference Between Smoke and Soot Damage

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire in a home or business causes a tremendous fire, soot, and smoke damage even if it is small. Soot damage and smoke damage can be worse than the fire damage itself. Taking precautions means you are conversant on what to do during and after the occurrence. Call for help immediately. The process of fire damage restoration can save your finances when it comes to saving your business or home.

Emergency Contact

Once the fire in a home or business starts, call in the nearest fire damage restoration experts, especially for a commercial building. Make sure the specialists offer emergency services to such events. The service providers have special tools that they will use to handle different machines and stationery in the office. Their trained personnel can determine the approach to minimize the losses likely to result from the calamity. A restoration company will correct the fire damage and board-up without wasting time to allow you to continue with your roles.

Damage Valuation

The fire damage restoration team should have enough vehicles to move company tools on-site after receiving a call immediately. Close the taps and any water source, as water present in your assets will increase the fire damage. The dusting expert comes up with a detailed work plan to design the home or office to give it a new look after the incident. The valuation personnel determine the extent of the fire, soot, and smoke damage and finds out the necessary steps to take. They determine the value of broken fittings and fixtures in all rooms. The professionals prepare a report outlining all the conditions registered and recommendations to solve the fire at home and fire in business problems. Competent experts have the required tools and offer fire cleanup and a board-up.


The next step in fire damage restoration is sealing. The fire damage restoration experts will seal openings on the roofs and walls to lower fire suppression chances. A firefighter has equipment that prevents unwanted components from passing through the surfaces. Note that water is a dangerous element of fire, especially the electrical one, due to the present oxygen substances. They use specific methods to put the fire off, depending on its cause. Ask the restoration company whether the fire occurrence will affect your water and drainage systems and the fire cleanup procedure used.

Fire Cleanup Process

The fire cleanup process involves removing the dust, smoke, and soot in a room surface and fittings. Fire occurrence in commercial buildings or residential houses leaves property charred, smoke smell, and stained. The smoke and soot damage firm will take care of the condition by removing any water pools to sanitize the property. Soot damage can make your home unattractive, and thus it is essential to get it cleaned. The teams try to place their previous look as they board-up before the accident occurs. They concentrate on chimneys as the air ducts are prone to sticky dirt and smoke damage that can cause fire and smoke smell. The fire damage experts will make sure the chimney is safe and clean by removing the stubborn stains. It is wise to determine the number of people who handle a single job to confirm that there're enough persons to save your investments. The cleaning process promotes the circulation of clean and fresh air.

Cleaning Process

The fire damage professionals work with building experts to remodel and repaint the building after a fire. They will advise these teams on the right procedures for fire cleanup and methods to remove the smoke odor. The restoration company will help you in acquiring safety tools like fire extinguishers and warning signs. The highly reputable entities have independent departments that handle various activities such as valuation, firefighting, and remodeling without outsourcing another firm for the task.

Professional fire damage restoration is necessary to save your possessions and remove the smoke smell. It could be hard to get the ideal restoration company when faced with the condition, make a point of finding them now. You can keep their contacts for such an event. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville today at (901) 755-3705.

Mold Damage After a Fire

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold and mildew may grow in your home in addition to fire damage on your property. If left unchecked, it can cause damage to the furniture and walls.

Looking at all the elements involved in the fire restoration process, ensure that you have commercial fire damage professionals working for you. This way, you can ensure that the process is managed effectively. While there're some things that you can do for yourself, be sure to know what you are doing. However, it's advisable to ensure that you don't cause a bigger mess as you do the work. It's better to be safe than sorry, contact a professional team. They will come with firefighters to help suppress the fire. You may need to call the professionals to install a fire sprinkler system to help prevent damage. The sprinkler helps catch fire outbreaks early on, so you don't have to lose the property.

For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

Hallmarks of a Professional Fire Damage Remediation Firm

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Obtaining professional services of a capable, competent, reputable fire damage restoration company after a fire in a home or business is crucial. If you are like most people needing residential or commercial fire damage remediation, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville. Therefore, you likely have questions regarding selecting the best restoration company to deal with restoration. With this in mind, there're some specific hallmarks associated with an experienced, reliable fire damage restoration company.

Experience Matters

A key hallmark associated with a reliable, reputable fire damage remediation company is experience. The reality is that you don't want a company that's engaging in what amounts to on the job training when it comes to residential or commercial fire damage.

To ascertain the experience of a fire damage remediation company, you can do a bit more than relying on advertisements and statements from a restoration company. You can obtain references from the company. Take the time to follow up on the references and receive feedback from someone else who has utilized a company for residential or commercial fire damage remediation. Also, consider seeking referrals from family members, friends, or other colleagues.

Strong Team of Specialists

Another true hallmark of a fire damage restoration is who comprises its team of specialists. Of course, you want specialists with direct experience in dealing with all aspects of fire damage remediation. This includes property board-up, fire cleanup, and addressing issues like smoke damage, smoke odor, and soot damage.

In addition to specialists having the complete capability of addressing elements of residential or commercial fire damage like smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage, you also want to make sure that specialists properly are credentialed. Specialists working with fire damage in a home or business must be licensed, bonded, and insured. You also need to inquire if specialists assigned to address the aftermath of a fire in a home or business have undergone appropriate background checks.

Comprehensive Fire Damage Remediation Services

The necessity of engaging a one-stop shop when it comes to fire damage remediation cannot be understated. This represents another hallmark of a qualified fire damage restoration company. Hiring a restoration company that can address all aspects of residential or commercial fire damage remediation ensures that the final result will optimal. Moreover, you will not have to expend the time and added expenses to the process.

Run a checklist with a restoration company. Make sure that a company addresses board-up, fire cleanup, smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage. On a related point, part of your checklist should be ascertaining if a company specializes in residential or commercial fire damage remediation, or has expertise in both areas of restoration following a fire. Some companies do narrow their focus a bit more than others. You want to make sure your premises are well within the area of service.

Rapid Response

A final key hallmark of qualified fire restoration and remediation services is the rapid response after a fire in a home or business. You must have a company that can be onsite immediately to commence the board-up process. The immediate commencement of the board-up process ensures that a property will be protected and preserved through elements of the fire damage remediation process.

Equally important, the prompt commencement of fire damage restoration efforts best ensures that various remediation elements are addressed, including dealing with fire cleanup, smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage. For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

What You Can Do After a Fire

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

After residential or commercial fire damage, fire cleanup is vital for most who've been affected by this occurrence. While you're eager to start fire cleanup, remember you shouldn't re-enter a facility until the fire departments tell you that it's okay. Additionally, you should avoid fire cleanup on your own and find a qualified restoration company immediately. There're many ways you can begin fire damage restoration before the professionals arrive. However, only do so when the board-up of windows is taken down, and the facility is safe to enter. Fire cleanup isn't worth any risks to your safety. Whether you've experienced a fire in a business or home, danger lurks even after the flames are extinguished. The last thing you want to happen is an injury or health problem after fire damage has already affected your life.

While waiting for the fire damage restoration company, the following tips can help you get things going on your fire damage restoration task.

Don't Panic

When you need a commercial fire damage company or a company for your home, it can be stressful as you work to get things back to normal and forget what has happened. Do not panic, and take things slowly. One day at a time, as they say, especially when your life has been turned upside down.

Remove the Smoke Odor

The smoke odor leaves constant reminders of the fire at home or fire in business and may cause problems breathing. Smoke damage and soot damage are also problems after a fire. A dehumidifier is easy and affordable to purchase and can minimize the smoke smell tremendously, though it won't help the smoke damage or soot damage. After the restoration company arrives, they'll use professional deodorizers and dehumidifiers to remove the smoke odor. Fire damage restoration remedies the smell quickly.

Remove Water

When there's a fire in a business, emergency sprinklers may cause added damage not found after a fire. It's important to remove as much water from the business as possible and hire a commercial fire damage company to rest. Of course, when there's a fire at home, there's plenty of water damage to remove. Place fans designed for fire damage in property to help alleviate some of the water.

Leave it Alone

You want to remove the black marks and soot damage left behind after a fire in business or fire at home. While soot damage looks easy to remove, it can be very tricky. The same applies to smoke damage in a home or business. Until given the okay, do not attempt to remove any smoke or soot damage from the walls.

Don't Throw it Away

Speaking of leaving things alone after fire damage, don't throw things away until the insurance company has assessed it. Everything in your home has a value, and if it is still in the home, the insurance agency can help you get the value of those items. This is one of the many reasons a board-up is so essential. When the windows and doors are boarded-up, no one can intrude on the scene. Always ask for a board-up of the facility.

Trust the Restoration Company

When you need fire damage cleanup, the restoration company sends trained, certified professionals to your home to assess the damage and be the cleanup process. Whether you need cleanup in your home or commercial property, the experts are ready to get your facility back to pre-fire condition so you can get your life back on track. The professionals ensure that cleanup is done efficiently and effectively the first time around, minimizing any worry that you might feel. While it's tempting to delve right in and start cleaning things yourself, you should always wait until the professionals are there to do the job. You've endured enough already. It's time to let the paid professionals handle things for a while.

For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

Understanding the Process of Expert Fire Damage Restoration

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Fires are an all-too-common occurrence for home and business owners all over the world. No sooner do you feel safe and secure in your home, a fire ravishes everything that you hold near and dear. While it can be devastating to deal with a fire in your home or a fire in the business, it's just as important to realize that professional fire damage restoration is necessary to get the issues cleaned up and restored fully.

Dealing with a Fire and Subsequent Fire Damage

It's never easy to deal with fire damage at home or in a business. Fire damage affects millions of people every year, so it's a lot more common than you might think. Because of how common it is, fire damage restoration is necessary to get everything back to its former glory. It is imperative to understand that you should never try to handle the fire damage on your own. Fire cleanup is an incredibly tricky project to accomplish yourself, and this is why so many people have hired fire cleanup experts in the past for their issues.

Why Professional Fire Cleanup is Necessary

Fire cleanup is necessary on a professional level because they bring their tools and supplies needed to deal with smoke damage, soot damage, and the smoke smell that has been lingering in the air since the fire occurred. Commercial fire damage experts have years of professional experience to ensure that your business is rectified. You no longer have that bothersome smoke odor to breathe in day and night. You don't have the skills or tools necessary to handle the smoke damage and soot damage.

The Costs of Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fire damage cleanup can be quite costly, especially if you do not have any insurance. If you've recently dealt with a fire in your home or fire in the business, you need first to contact your property insurance provider. They will let you know if restoration services are covered under your policy. If they are, you can have the project entirely or partially paid for you. This brings the cost of commercial fire damage cleanup down to a more affordable rate. Be sure to contact several companies to determine how much they are charging for their commercial fire damage mitigation.

What Does Fire Cleanup Involve?

Fire damage restoration involves removing soot damage, smoke damage, and the smoke odor from a past fire. In most cases, certain items will need to be thrown away if they're too damaged and cannot be restored. The company dealing with commercial fire damage will rectify the water damage present after the fire was extinguished. You will find that most companies offering this service can handle fires in homes and a fire in your business equally. The smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell will finally be a thing of the past after dealing with a major household or business fire.

Long-Term Guarantee on Fire Damage Restoration

The beauty of hiring a professional mitigation company is that they guarantee the mitigation of damage related to a fire in the home or business. This means that, if needed, they will come back to the house or office to perform additional remediation services. Having this type of guarantee is important when paying a company to do this type of cleanup. It substantially prevents any future problems from occurring and lasting after dealing with a fire. If you've recently dealt with a fire, there're expert companies out there who will help with this particular project. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville today.

Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

A fire is one of the worst disasters a home or business owner can face. Loss of property and damage to the structure often seem insurmountable obstacles as the owner views the smoking remains and fire damage of what was once their house or place of business. It's important to remember that objects can be replaced, and buildings can be either salvaged or rebuilt. Anything short of the loss of life can be fixed. In today's atmosphere of DIY home repairs, a person might be tempted to save money by performing repairs themselves. The considerable risk involved in such an endeavor should be left to fire damage restoration professionals. These professionals are trained in cleaning up fire damage, including soot damage, smoke damage, water damage, and commercial fire damage. There're many companies available to help home and business owners pick up the pieces after a fire.

The Importance of Quickfire Damage Restoration

When the smoke has dwindled, and the ashes have cooled, homeowners often find themselves left with considerable devastation. It's essential to have a team of professionals to assess the damage and provide an estimate for repair. If the area is not cleaned fairly quickly, soot can remain and cause permanent damage to structures that might otherwise be salvaged. The acid left behind by soot damage, and smoke damage can become permanent in a very short time, causing discoloration and even rust. Soot damage can be layered throughout the structure, and it becomes much tougher to get rid of the smoke odor as time passes. After a fire, it's imperative to contact professionals immediately.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

When tackling fire cleanup, there're a few things that professionals can expect, whether it was a fire in the home or business. The professionals will remove all traces of fire damage such as smoke damage, soot damage, smoke odor, and clean up salvageable appliances. Any lingering smoke odor can be combatted with odor counteractant. Once items are cleaned, they will be sealed to protect them further. These professionals are trained to determine which items can be cleaned and salvaged and what needs to be replaced due to extensive fire damage. They are also knowledgeable about how to deal with commercial fire damage, which might involve unusual appliances and machinery. The process of fire damage restoration is complicated, but a company of professionals will help ensure that existing structures suffer no further damage.

Why Leave Fire Damage to The Professionals

A fire in a business or home will require more than a vacuum and soap to clean. Professionals trained in fire cleanup and commercial fire damage have the tools and cleaning products necessary for smoke damage and removing the smoke odor. They will have the training to deal with the extra considerations that arise when dealing with a fire in a business, such as restoring the building to working condition as fast as possible to resume activities. The hours between the fire and the fire cleanup add up and cause more lost revenue. Company owners are wise to leave commercial fire damage cleanup to the professionals who make it their business.

Whether there was a fire in the home or business, it's best to leave the fire cleanup to a professional fire restoration company. They will know that all the damage from soot, smoke, and ash are adequately cleaned to prevent further degradation of the remaining structure and salvageable items. For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

The Aftermath of Fire Damage

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

The process of picking up the pieces after a fire can seem daunting. Fire damage can cause significant losses both to private individuals as well as businesses. Besides the fire itself, soot damage and smoke damage frequently make property useless or irreparable. However, with the right approach, fire cleanup can be less challenging. There're several steps to fire damage restoration, but if you follow them in order and approach them with care and patience, you will find the process much less painful.

The first thing you should do to begin fire damage restoration is to evaluate any holes in the structure's exterior. Following a fire in a home or business, holes can appear from the damage that leaves property exposed. Once you have access to the fire damage site, begin to look for gaps in walls or ceilings that could allow wind or precipitation to affect the property. This is an excellent way to increase the overall total of commercial fire damage. While not as apparent as plain fire damage, damage from exterior holes can be significant.

The most noticeable thing once you enter the building will be water damage. While water can help minimize fire damage, cleaning up the water can be one of the most painful parts of fire cleanup. Standing water can be contaminated with disease, and in pools of water, small objects can float, creating hazards for those without proper equipment. Water boots are a necessity for fire cleanup for this specific reason. Make sure that as you explore the structure and begin cleaning the remaining water, you are very careful and catalog any items that have been damaged by the water.

After you have evaluated your building following the fire at home or business, the next thing to do is assess soot damage. Soot occurs when objects are burned in the fire and leave an ashy, sometimes oily residue. Soot damage can affect everything from food to electronics and can be very difficult to clean. It is crucial to photograph everything, but inexpensive items that are easily replaced should just be discarded. Expensive things like televisions or furniture can be cleaned, but it is rarely worth trying to clean a DVD or books. In the case of a business fire, keeping track of soot damage is essential to understanding total commercial fire damage.

The next step in fire damage restoration is to look at the walls, ceilings, and floors of the structure. In a house fire, walls between rooms can have damage that needs to be carefully inspected and documented. In a business fire, the external walls will already have been surveyed, but you should also look for damage to the floor, ceiling, and interior walls. Smoke damage can affect walls significantly, and as such, they may need to be replaced.

The last thing you should do in fire cleanup is to evaluate the extent of smoke damage. Smoke odor can consume many objects, and because of this, things like garments or linens can become unusable. Keep track of the items with smoke damage just like you did with soot, discarding inexpensive, or easily replaceable items once you have them cataloged. With a business fire, pay attention to how smoke odors might affect customer experience and make necessary replacements, calculating the cost of commercial fire damage. Smoke odor can also be a problem with house fires, where the smoke smells being more prominent in some rooms over others.

Commercial fire damage can have significant effects on a business, and fire damage restoration can be intimidating to a homeowner. Still, with the right strategy, you can address the problems without as much hassle. For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville.