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The True Cost of Mold Damage and Remediation: What You Need To Know

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage is costly, and the remediation efforts can run anywhere from $500 to $6,000. If the problem is extensive, the cost can soar into the thousands of dollars price range. Thus, it would help if you worked with a Germantown, Tennessee, and Collierville, Tennessee, mold removal experts when you suspect or discover mildew growth in your home. Fast response means less damage you'll have to pay for.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Black Mold Removal 

The cost of mold damage cleanup varies considerably and is dependent upon several factors. Some factors that may influence the cost of remediation include the following:

  • The size of the area affected by the mildew.
  • Whether mold materials can be cleaned or need to be disposed of.
  • Whether mold has invaded your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  • Whether mold developed after a flood that may have been contaminated by waste or other hazardous materials.
  • Your geographical region.

You can control the cost by hiring a professional to remediate the problem as soon as possible.

The Cost is Well Worth the End Result

Black mold may be toxic to a home's health, and if you discover it in your home, mold removal is a necessity, not an option. Mold of any kind can wreak havoc on a home's structure and irreparably damage drywall, lumber, and other materials. If allowed to go untreated, mold can even impact a home's very foundation.

Depending on the extent of the growth and damage, mold remediation can take just a few days or require months of your time and even demolition. However, the effort and cost are well worth it, as it means that the toxic growth is out of your home and no longer impacting its health.

If you suspect that you have black mold in your home, or if a mold inspection reveals its presence, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville. Your swift attention to the matter is in the best interests of your home and loved ones.

13 Surprising Facts About Mold

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Have you ever wondered what mold is and why it exists? The mold invading your property is part of the Fungi Kingdom and is related to mushrooms, yeasts, and mold that develops on bread. Mold is an efficient microorganism that our ecosystem uses to break down and clean up dying flora and fauna. Whether it's white or black mold, nature uses it to refresh the earth by removing dead organic matter. Here are some other surprising facts about mold.

1. Only a small amount of moisture is needed to bring mold spores to life.

2. Colonies of fungus can develop within 48 hours after water damage occurs.

3. Mold spores are almost always present in the air around you, even indoors.

4. Air movement as slight as a cough or sneeze can send mold's microscopic spores into the air.

5. High humidity can encourage and support mold growth.

6. No matter how much mold cleanup you do, the colony will return unless the water source is removed.

7. There are over 100,000 varieties of mold.

8. Mold has an earthy and musty odor.

9. Mold eats organic materials, even inside your home.

10. Mold can look slimy, furry, powdery, or crumbly.

11. Molds from fungi have been used for hundreds of years to create cheese.

12. One of the first antibiotics was discovered by using mold.

13. There are many types of black mold, and most of them are harmless.

Mold can be a pesky and persistent problem in any commercial building in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee. The layman can't tell which type of mold is invading your property. One thing you can be certain of when mold appears is that there's probably a moisture problem that must be dealt with. A mold removal and remediation team can stop the leak, remove the mold, and sanitize it to prevent future black mold growth. Stop mold from eating its way through your building by fighting back today.

3 Steps for Repairing a Leaking Commercial Roof

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

A tree falling on a house Storm damage results in a Germantown, Tennessee, home.

Heavy rains and strong winds can cause considerable storm damage to your Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, commercial building. However, more elements than strong winds can cause damages in vulnerable areas. Standing water and other flooding types can cause a roof leak, which may interrupt normal business operations and cause monetary loss. Take these steps to repair and reduce the risk of long-term roofing difficulties.

1. Call for Mitigation

Taking quick action upon discovering a leak can help prevent costly water damage to your building. Call storm damage and flood mitigation experts to stop the leak using tarps and temporary sealant. This can be one of the most effective ways to stem the flow of a serious roofing leak. You may want to be prepared for flood technicians to evacuate affected areas of your building while mitigation is performed.

2. Take Note of the Damage

Once you can safely access your building’s roof, make a list of any damage you see so you can report it to your insurance provider or roofing contractor. You should note any missing shingles, visible sagging, standing water, and damaged roofing material that replacement. Creating this list will help gauge the cost of the repair of a roof leak. Additionally, take photos, so you have visual evidence of the damage you list.

3. Compare Repair Estimates

A damaged roof repaired can cost anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the extent of the destruction. Before you settle on a contractor, take the time to compare a few estimates, so you do not overpay for the repairs. Consider asking other business associates if they have any recommendations that may help you hurry the process along.

When your Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, commercial building suffers a roof leak, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to repairing. Knowing which steps to take may help you resolve the issue quickly and lower the risk of financial loss. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville for additional information.

Fire Prevention Tips from SERVPRO

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in the kitchen Fire damage resulting from a kitchen fire.

Tips from SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville Fire Crew

We asked for input from our fire crew at SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville to highlight their favorite fire prevention tips to keep their children safe while they are out of school for the summer and spend more time home. Here is the feedback we received based on their experience in the fire restoration industry:

“Do not cook anything on the stove because you may get distracted with your phone or TV and leave it unattended too long. “ - Marie

“Never use a metal bowl or aluminum foil in the microwave…some children are not aware of the damage this can cause.” – Kim

“Always turn off the exhaust fan in the bathroom….if it runs continuously, the motor can burn up and fall into the toilet and cause it to explode….true story.” – Dana

“Do not use the iron unsupervised.” – Shalitha

“Take batteries out of toys before storing in a hot location such as an attic.” – David

“Do not plug multiple electronics into a power strip…they increase the amount of power that runs from the outlet…it can overheat and cause an electrical fire.” – Kerry

 “Never play with lighters or matches, especially in the bedroom….a mattress can catch on fire easier than you may realize.” – Maria

“Keep fresh batteries in your smoke detectors….they can save a life.” - Jemarius

Thank you to our hard-working fire crew members who help restore homes for customers every day, then go home and take care of their own families. We are blessed with a family-oriented team that values the place they call home and the place you call home.

How Do I Remove Mold?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on the ceiling Mold growing on a ceiling.

Removing Mold Starts with Removing Moisture

When mold gets into your home or office, you can't just remove the source of moisture. By then, it's too late. Mold without an active source of moisture can live for long periods without dying. You will have to call your local mold removal experts for mold damage remediation, fungus and mildew cleaning, and deodorization that will get rid of the smelly odor that often comes with mold damage.

To start the mold removal yourself, begin the mitigation process by cleaning your home or office regularly. Regular cleaning and deodorization help reduce the mold in the home, and commercial mold damage remediation process by limiting the places where fungus and mildew can grow. If you don't want to do the mold removal process yourself, contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville for mold removal and deodorization services.

Tip: Keep mold at bay by dusting and vacuuming your home or office often. Over 80 percent of mold is found on dust particles. A HEPA vacuum cleaner acts as the best defense against mold. 

For additional information on mold removal and remediation contact, SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705.

Pet Safety for the 4th of July

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

If you include pets on the 4th of July celebrations, incorporate safety measures to protect them from common accidents. Loud noises scare animals. Many pet owners say that during a thunderstorm, their dogs or cats try to escape and often find the perfect hiding place. If the fear has developed into a full-blown phobia, the pet can injure itself, trying to flee quickly. Common noise phobias are effects of sounds from thunderstorms, firecrackers, or gunshots. Overall, animals are more sensitive to noise than humans.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Pet

If you are plan an outing for the holiday and keeping your pet at home alone, try these few tricks to make your pet feel safe:

  • Leave a fan blowing lightly or play music to relax your pet.

  • Shut windows to avoid loud noises and make a comfortable area for your pet like a closet or the pet's crate, be sure to include their favorite stuffed toy or soft blanket.

Additionally, pets left at home may become anxiety-ridden during a firework display and find a way to escape from the house. Make sure your pets wear a durable collar with up-to-date information on identification tags. Having your pet micro-chipped is another way to increase your pet's chances of reuniting with you should they become lost.

The 4th of July can be a safe and fun celebration for all members of your family. If there's an emergency, don't wait to have your pet treated; locate a 24-hour veterinary clinic if your family veterinarian is not available. For additional pet safety for the 4th of July, read these safety tips from Nationwide.

What Do You Do With Mold Damaged Possessions?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage on the wall Mold damage in a Germantown, Tennessee, home.

If your home has experienced extensive water damage, there's a good chance many of your personal belongings have been affected. While wood floors, carpeting, and drywall can be replaced, many personal items carry a sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable. Not everything can be restored; however, resist the temptation to trash mold damaged possessions until a mold remediation specialist in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, has assessed it. You'll be surprised by what mold cleaning can restore.

What to Clean

Mold damage affects different materials in different ways. For example, porous materials, such as fabric, upholstery, carpeting, leather, plywood, canvas, and paper, suffer the most damage. Mold can partially digest some material or get lodged in tiny openings in the material, so it's challenging to get out. On the other hand, non-porous materials usually fair much better. When mold is only on the surface, it can come off with minimal effort through scrubbing. Generally, possessions made of the following materials can be cleaned without difficulty:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Hardwoods
  • Glazed ceramics
  • Glass

What to Replace

While it may be possible to restore some items with mold cleaning, the cost to do so may make it more reasonable to replace it. For example, a favorite recliner that has suffered severe water damage and mold growth. If a new recliner can be purchased for the same price as restoring it (or less), you may be advised to buy a new one. If the item in question isn't one-of-a-kind or of great sentimental value, you're better off replacing it.

What to Restore

Anything precious or unique is worth restoring. For example, a child's favorite toy, a handed-down leather jacket, rare books, or valuable paintings can potentially be restored by a restoration specialist. Even if you think the damage is too severe, wait until a professional has assessed the damage before giving up hope. A new, patented, hydraulic washing system by a company called Esporta can restore 90% of soft materials to a "food-grade" clean. While you may lose possessions to water and mold, SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville can make sure you don't lose everything.

Why is the Roof Damage and What Can I Do?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Roof damage on a home Roof damage after a fire loss in Collierville, Tennessee.

Fires can do strange things to commercial buildings in Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee. The flames may burn away parts of your walls and roofing. However, roof damage isn't always directly caused by the fire. No matter the direct cause of the damage, you need to start the fire cleanup process as soon as possible. You can call in fire restoration experts to help you through the process. These individuals will know how to clean up damage caused by fire, smoke, and water.

Taking Care of Roof Damage After a Fire

When it comes to your roof, you may want to act quickly to ensure other parts of your commercial building are not negatively affected.

  • Cover holes: You can use tarps and boards to cover the holes in your roof and keep the elements out. Hiring a company that does tarp services makes this project easy.
  • Start repairs: Roof repair is a major part of a cleanup process. Get a contractor in as soon as possible to start looking at the damage and figuring out a repair plan.
  • Call your insurance company: In some cases, the damage caused due to fire may be covered under your commercial insurance policy. Call your agent to find what your next step should be.

As you go through the fire cleanup process, almost every surface of your office will be touched.

Understanding the Damage

Firefighters may have caused some of the damage done to your roof. They often put holes in walls and roofs to increase ventilation. The fact is increasing ventilation helps slow a fire's growth and makes it easier to manage. With the holes in place, dark smoke can leave the building and give the emergency responders a better vision. The holes make it easier to save your property, and no one is left inside the smoldering building.

Quick action is essential when it comes to the fire cleanup process. This is true when making repairs to a roof. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville at (901) 755-3705 today.

Fire Insurance Gaps: 3 Important Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage in the home Fire damage in a Germantown, Tennessee, home.

When a Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, home fire strikes, the results can be devastating. Valued possessions may be lost or damaged, and your house may need extensive repair. However, before you file a claim or expect your insurance policy to cover fire damage and restoration service costs, you may want to learn about a few common coverage gaps and under which circumstances you may be denied compensation.

1. Intentional Fire

While fires set by curious young children playing with matches or lighters are considered accidental and not arson, fires set deliberately to collect insurance money isn't covered if any evidence of an intentional fire is uncovered. Suppose you believe a home fire at your residence was caused by accident. You can probably expect to have the blaze thoroughly investigated before you receive any insurance payout.

2. Fires at a Vacant House

Most insurance companies consider a home vacant if it has been unoccupied over thirty days in a row. If a fire should break out in such as residence, you may not be entitled to any insurance coverage. While the burden of proof will likely fall on your insurance provider, this coverage gap could cost you thousands in repair and restoration.

3. Exceptions

When it comes to receiving compensation for a vacant home fire, you may have several options to avoid a coverage gap. Suppose you have a vacation home that you only occupy part of the year. In that case, it is wise to ask your insurance agent about vacant residence coverage, which protects your unoccupied vacation home from fire and other disasters. This policy is typically separate from your homeowner's insurance but may pay for itself if vacation property should ever catch fire.

A house fire at your Germantown, Tennessee, or Collierville, Tennessee, residence can be frightening as well as costly. Having a keen understanding of insurance coverage gaps and whether you can rectify them can give you peace of mind as a homeowner.

Keeping Mold Out of Your Meal

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage and cleaning supplies Cleaning your office refrigerators regularly will keep smells and potential mold away.

Most business owners in Germantown, Tennesee, or Collierville, Tennessee, could agree that the employee refrigerator is a beacon of light during those glorious office breaks. However, that fridge could likely use a good deep cleaning or two. Fridge mold is an all-too-common problem in most kitchens, but there's a right way to tackle it. Consider a few tips you can turn to when taking those anti-fungal steps.

1. Keep Certain Foods Out

In today's fast-paced working world, the average American employee eats meals at his or her desk. With this shift in dining style comes the need to store those sandwiches and on-the-go breakfasts in the company fridge. This shift can bring along the occasional mold smell. One way to prevent mold growth is to avoid storing foods such as onions, bread, and cucumbers in the fridge – these types of foods can rot quicker than others. For example, bread can grow fungus when dried out.

2. Always Seal Food

It is a smart idea to store food in airtight containers. Doing so can prevent air from entering the package and inviting mold in. When air enters the picture, your food could become the new home to fungal festivities. With this unappetizing image, your employees will likely jump on board with keeping food sealed.

3. Clean Regularly

Keeping fridge mold out means maintaining a regular cleaning routine. It's important to pinpoint the source of rotten smells so that other foods don't become infected. When the quality of that casserole or turkey sandwich is on the line, you'll be motivated to disinfect the fridge.

The topic of mold prevention is probably not your first choice for a lively workplace conversation. Fridge mold is no joke, but by nipping it in the bud, you can maintain a sanitary and happy work environment. Contact SERVPRO of Germantown / Collierville today.